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Yvonne Gunn Inc.

Body Based Psychotherapy Practitioner

Have you ever felt stuck, frustrated, lonely and depressed?

Perhaps you believed your life was unfulfilling and meaningless.

Ever have thoughts of causing harm to yourself or others?

Can you relate? Well I can!


I was lonely, sad and feeling hopeless. I had a great career and family. However I still felt empty inside. I was angry and believed the world was hostile and unsafe. Unknowingly, I was dealing with unresolved childhood trauma. I couldn’t find relief.

Then a friend recommended Core Energetics Therapy. It was during those sessions that I uncovered root causes to my childhood traumas are stored in the body. In Core Energetics, I learned somatic and body based therapies to safely and compassionately release the old patterns stored in my body, Like an onion, layer after layer was peeled away and I began to heal. I softened and felt safe and secure. My sessions were my safe haven, I was allowed to explore all aspects of my being: positive and negative,

light and dark.


The work was so effective and transformative that my friends and family began to notice the change. My sons were so impressed with my transformation they asked to try Core Energetics Therapy. We now all have Core Energetics Practitioners. We are truly a Core Energetics Family. Our lives and communication is so much richer. We are compassionate, loving, and supportive to each other. We are connected to life and the people around us.

How Core Energetics a body based psychotherapy helped me change my life. 

Today, I feel like a whole person. When I retired for 30 years in education, It was a no brainer! I had to give back what was given to me...Freedom, So I enrolled in Core Energetics to become a licensed practitioner. There is nothing that would give me greater pleasure than to be of service. Helping people find the happiness they were born to have. Find the connection. A bridge back. This is the purpose that I have been seeking. It all makes sense.

I’m in the flow with the rhythm of life.

If you’re looking for the fastest and most effective way to cure depression, calm anxiety, handle everyday difficulties, heal trauma, resolve pain in relationships and find the deeper meaning in life. I will provide a completely safe space for you to discover yourself once again. I practice body-based psychotherapy that works with your emotional blocks, often held in the body.

Life can be more joyful when old pain and trauma is released through energetic movement. We bring consciousness to old patterns to free ourselves and create lasting transformation. Bring all of who you are! You ALL are welcomed.

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Core Energetics

Core Energetics is an evolutionary form of dodgy based therapy, combing body spiritual process and healing, that releases your emotional blocks which are one often held in your physical body. Core Energetics is a Form of somatic psychotherapy that seeks to unify all aspects of the human experience: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. In Core Energetics, healthy living is achieved with a balanced flow of energy through the body, emotions, mind and spirit.


Because of its unique focus, Core Energetics is applicable to many problems you may face such as general dissatisfaction, depression, anxiety, low self esteem, addiction, childhood and/or adult trauma, or simply searching for more meaning in your life. This method is also

applicable to help you manage stress and chronic physical problems, including sexual dysfunction.


A typical Core Energetics session consists of combination of traditional talk therapy and bring consciousness and awareness to your issues as well as various body movements to activate and release energy you are holding in your body.

Dr. John Pierrakos, M.D. developed Core Energetics four decades ago after studying with William Reich and his subsequent collaboration with one of his fellow students, Alexander Löwen.

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Connect with me today to get started on your path to healing.

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